Beautiful Gothic Examination Hall

Beautiful Gothic Examination Hall, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Australia, like all communities that have sprung from the British Isles, looks first after the education of the children. The whole education system is modeled in some respects after that of England, in other respects it is quite different. While in England the tendency has been to leave education in the hands of private institutions, the tendency in Australia has been entirely the other way. The schools from the lowest to the university are under the control of the state. The teachers are appointed in a different way from what they are in Canada. Here each section appoints its own teacher, but in Australia the teachers are appointed by the state. If a teacher is not successful in one section he is moved to another.

Each of the states in the commonwealth of Australia has a university supported by the government as are the University of Toronto and the universities in all the Western provinces of Canada. New South Wales, the wealthiest and most populous of the states, has always been a leader in education, and its university is the largest and best equipped in the country. It is situated at Sydney, the capital. As is to be expected in a city of nearly a million population it has large university buildings. Around the university are clustered the denominational colleges of the Anglican, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic churches, in which young men are prepared for the ministry. The university has sixteen hundred students, thirty professors, and one hundred assistant teachers.

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