From the Continental Divide

From the Continental Divide, near Swift Current Pass E. over Glacier National Park, Montana
There are several passes of more or less celebrity connecting the east and west sides of Glacier National Park, some of which are not used except to afford magnificent west side views to east side tourists. So far there are four great skyland trails leading out on the roof of America; Gunsight Pass, Swift Current Pass, Logan Pass, and Brown Pass. Piegan Pass leads north and south along the Divide and is the connecting link between Gunsight and Swift Current Pass.

Many people consider Swift Current Pass the finest in the park. The approach to the pass is accomplished by a gradual ascent of Wilbur mountain for a distance of four miles. Your guide, with the ever-present coil of rope on the horn of his saddle, leads the way. A steep turn brings you to the foot of the Pass which is then climbed by a series of thrilling switchbacks, to the summit of the Garden Wall. Reaching Point Lookout, at the top of the switchbacks, it is only a stone's throw from the Swift Current Glacier. We dismount and, turn our faces eastward in the direction from which we came, feasting our eyes on the wonderful panorama below us.

The Swift Current Lakes, McDermott, the Sherburnes, and others which we glimpsed momentarily through the trees, on the ascent, are now revealed in a continuous emerald chain. Far in the distance is lower St. Mary Lake, while the shadowy outlines of the Sweet Grass Hills and the Blackfeet Reservations appear on the distant horizon. After resting in contemplation of this great vista, and with a realization of our own insignificance in the vast universe, we continue silently on our way.

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