Pack Train Cross Bridge – Jasper Park

Pack Train Crossing Bridge, Jasper Park, Alberta, Canada.
Jasper National Park in Canada ranks among the largest playgrounds in the world. It exceeds 5,000 square miles in area and is situated in the province of Alberta. It lies just beyond the eastern boundary of British Columbia and extends north and south of the 53d parallel. Its beautiful lakes and mountain streams are sublime and in Haasper Park can be seen every kind of scenic beauty found in any of the western mountain parks of the United States and Canada.

The railway station for the park is Jasper on the Canadian National Railways. From Jasper there is a motor road to Japer Park Lodge, a summer hotel three miles distant, and from the Lodge splendid motor roads radiate to various points of interest int eh heart of the park. Many places, however, can be reached only by trails and for many visitors trail riding is the most popular pastime the park affords.

Long trail trips must have their accompanying pack trains and to place these loads on the horses takes great skill. It must be properly done or the pack will work loose and scatter the contents. In making up his load, the packer endeavors to have the two side packs not only of the same weight but also as nearly the same size as possible. Expert packers boast that they will transport any object that does not weigh over 350 pounds. These pack animals are well-trained. They will follow the leader safely without guiding and on dangerous trails carry their loads much more safely without the interference of drivers than with it.

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