The Beautiful St. Lawrence

The Beautiful St. Lawrence Reservation, New York--Thousand Islands from International Bridge.
In the early days, the St. Lawrence River was a highway of discovery for the French pioneers and long before the days of railways it was a through route of travel to the West. At its upper end, the river broadens out to the proportions of a lake. This extension is known as the Lake of the Thousand Islands. It is about forty miles long and at the west end, fifteen miles wide. The central part is only about four miles wide. In this "Lake" are the Thousand Islands. The name does not indicate the number for there are actually 1,700 islands. They vary greatly in size with some several thousand acres in extent. Surrounded as they are by the clear waters of the beautiful St. Lawrence, which reflects so perfectly their varied outlines, they present a most charming picture. With but few exceptions, they are owned and occupied by prominent citizens of the United States and Canada who have erected on them beautiful villas. here amidst luxurious surroundings and with their private yachts, the owners can thoroughly enjoy the sovereignty of their little realms.

Most of these islands, even though they are privately owned, are included in the St. Lawrence Reservation. This is a recreational and conservational area set aside by the State of New York that includes all of the St. Lawrence River within the boundary of the State, the large bays at the lower end of Lake Ontario and certain State-owned portions of the mainland. The Reservation, together with the adjoining portion of the St. Lawrence River are in Canada, set aside by the Canadian authorities, constitutes an International Park that takes in all of the Thousand Island region.

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