The Wawona Tree – Mariposa Grove

The Wawona Tree, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite Valley, Cal., U.S.A.
Wawona is the Indian name for Big Tree, and this specimen is a very beautiful one, standing in the Mariposa Grove, which can be most easily visited from the Wawona Hotel, on the Berenda route to Yosemite. This tree is the second one which was tunneled and it has not been in any way injured by the experiment. The botanical name of the Big Tree is Sequoia Gigantea, and this species grows in high mountain basins, where the trees are sheltered from great winds, and where the melting snows from the high Sierras, give them a plentiful and perpetual supply of moisture. The Sequoia Gigantea should be distinguished from the Sequoia Sempervirens which grows only on the Coast. Both species of these trees are now found only in California. J.M. Hutchings, Author of In the heart of the Sierras.

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