Verdure and Snowbanks along the Trail

Verdure and Snowbanks along the Trail to Lincoln Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana
Glacier Park has over 300 miles of mountain trails which are open only to the hiker and trail rider, as the rugged character of these mountains has prevented the conversion of these trails into mountain highways. Horseback trips covering but a few hours or several days' time can be arranged. Saddle horses and guides are provided. One of the best ways of seeing the beauties of the Park, however, is to walk from point to point and for the walking trip guides are not required though their services are available. As the automobile can only skirt along the outer edges of the Park area and penetrate to the shores of only its most important lakes, it is left to the trail rider and hiker to discover the beauty of the skyland trails and the innermost secrets of the lakes and secluded valleys.

The mountain passes of Glacier Park take us to the very roof of America, to the majestic reaches of the high country. The sides of the hills and mountains through which you climb are literally covered in summer with wild flowers for Glacier Park can be compared only with Rainier and Rocky Mountain Parks for the beauty and variety of its flowers and plant life. However, you soon rise above the timber line, with the trails still zigzagging its way up the side of the mountain. The loose shale working down make the surefooted horse a real comfort and it is surprising the sense of security you acquire after a few days' riding on your patient mount. The trail creeps up the precipitous slope, the horse picks its way carefully, conversation ceases, and all is silent.

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